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Dance Film (2015)

Choreographer & Dancer

Jennifer Drotz Ruhn



Brian Vass



Stuart Docherty


Edited by / 

Jennifer Drotz Ruhn

Tofino, an experimental stop motion dance film, is the result of a collaborative project between Swedish choreographer Jennifer Drotz Ruhn and Scottish artists: photographer Brian Vass and composer Stuart Docherty.


Jennifer Drotz Ruhn first came in contact with Brian Vass in the Autumn of 2013 when they did a photoshoot together and Vass initiated the Tofino project shortly after. As a photographer and videographer, he works primarily with dancers, aerialists, and musicians and is inspired by the challenge and adventure of translating people's passions into photographs and films.


Stuart Docherty is a Scottish contemporary composer, songwriter and critically acclaimed guitarist. After working closely with several choreographers, continuously experimenting and never limiting himself to one genre alone, he has found a great interest in composing for such a visually stimulating art form as dance.


Tofino has been screened in multipe countries and awarded Best Short Film and Dance Film of Excellence. 

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